The  Commercial Trucking Telematics Insurance 2016 Initiative, is the first and only, brought to you by American Business Conferences. However, our history and successes in the Insurance and Automotive Innovation sector reaches back to 2008.

With our solutions focused research has been successful in attracting over 3,000 attendees to our automotive series, with an outstanding 70% of these being of an executive level.

Since 2008 we have spearheaded a multitude of global initiatives, attracting only the highest level of speakers and delegates, such as:

Telematics Insurance North America 2016

April 27-27 | Chicago | US

The Only 100% Insurer And OEM-Led Auto Telematics Conference Designed To Improve Risk Selection, Claims Handling And Policy Writing

Private Auto & Fleet Insurance Telematics Europe 2015

September 29-30 | London | UK

The Only In-Depth Insurer-Led Telematics Event Addressing All Aspects Of Telematics Insurance Premiums From Consumer Adoption To Retention And Data Handling Throughout Europe

Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design 2015

June 24-25 | Chicago | US

The Only Insurance-Led Telematics Initiative Created For Insurance Providers By Insurance Providers

Smartphone & Embedded Connectivity Vehicle Integration 2014

February 26-27 | San Francisco | US

Improving The Reliability Of Smartphone Connectivity And Integration With Embedded Systems To Optimize Vehicle Competitiveness

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2013

25-26 September | London | UK

Delivering Connected Services That Are Useful For Drivers Through Integration And Interoperability Of Smartphones, Applications And Content

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit California 2013

February 12-13 | San Francisco | US

Delivering Continuous Connectivity And Seamless Integration Of Devices, Apps and Content For Automotive Vehicle Use Cases

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2012

25-26 September | London | UK

Bringing Connected Experiences To Customers Through Integration Of Digital Life Into The Car

The feedback received was extremely positive with 86% of speakers presentations achieving a rating of 4 & 5 out of 5 from attendees.


If you have any queries about the series then please email info@lbcg.com and one of our automotive team will respond promptly.


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